Tamilnadu General Knowledge Quiz | Know Tamilnadu

First silent movie Keechaga Vaathagam was released on ... ?

...... is the state Bird of Tamilnadu.

Tamilndu was renamed during the period of ?

Tamilnadu is the ______________ Largest State in India.

The state of tamilnadu is one of the largest state in India.

_______________ is the, Largest District in Tamilnadu by Population

Tamilnadu has 32 Districts

_________________ Is The, Largest District by Area in Tamilnadu

Silappathigaram was written by ............... ?

....................... Temple has the longest corridor in India?

In the Bank of the River ___________, Meenakshi Amman Temple is Located.

In the year of ------- Madras State was renamed as Tamilnadu?

Madras or Madras Maaganam was renamed later to become tamilnadu.

___________ is the State fruit of tamilandu.

Mukkani's are Maa, Palaa and Vaazhai.

St. George Fort was constructed in the year of ---------.

There are ___________ no of Districts in Tamilnadu

Jallikattu will be played, on the ________ Day of Pongal

Bogi Pongal

Tamilnadu has ___ , UNESCO Heritage Sites